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14 jun 2019

When you work in cold environments, there is a certain aspect that you should be aware of so you can work without any limitation and prevent catching a cold. Today we bring you some tips so you can maintain yourself warm at work and can have the usual performance.


Wear cozy safety boots, that have excellent thermal insulation, with an outsole that give more distance from the floor, so you dont lose heat from your feet.

Wear warm clothes, that retains the warm and that fit your body, avoiding air gaps where you lose heat. If its possible, wear gloves, scarfs and cover your ears and nose.

Drink warm liquids, that help you warm your body in cold days or environments. Using a thermal bottle keeps your drink or soup warm for longer periods.

Wear waterproof clothes and waterproof work boots, to keep the tissues dry, which will keep you warm and comfortable for longer

If you can, keep yourself active and in movement

Wear layers of clothes, so you can adapt to any environment in a few moments, taking or putting on some clothes

After a long day in cold environments, a hot shower helps you to heat up and it prevent colds

Use boots and gloves warmers if you have that opportunity since they will keep your hands and feet warm.

Wear safety boots with an exceptional grip, so you dont slip on ice and avoid injuries

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