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03 mai 2018



There is a lot of different types of toecaps, but in the case that you need a safety boot and still don’t know what’s best for you, we can help.


First, toe cap is a protection inside the boot that prevent your feet from impacts and compressions, besides that, it can influence also in the comfort and the weight of the boot.


Dikamar produces boots with two types of toe caps, metal and fiberglass version:


Metal:  Are stronger, thinner, provide a high level of protection for the feet, but is not really recognized for the lightness, the thermal insulation isn’t the best and they are not flexible.


Fiberglass: Are lighter, more flexible and also provide a great protection for the feet, the thermal insulation is really good and due of the material composition, don’t conduct electricity.


Either way, our boots can provide you safety, comfort and a better working experience.


To learn more about our boots and what is the perfect type of boot for you don’t forget to consulting our website or contact us!





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