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  • How to choose your winter safety boots: be warm at any temperature!

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    How to choose your winter safety boots: be warm at any temperature!
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07 jun 2019

If you work with low temperatures, you surely felt at least once your feet completely freezing! That uncomfortable feeling that you can’t keep your feet warm no matter what you do and don’t let you concentrate on your tasks. That’s why you should always choose safety boots that are specially designed to work at low temperatures. In this article, we will tell you which key features you should pick if you need safety boots for Winter or cold environments.


   1. Polyurethane (PU) is more resistant than PVC

If you need safety boots at your work, they should be at the best conditions possible to keep you safe. A shattered safety boot can’t keep the warm temperature as well as one in perfect conditions, exposing your feet to low temperatures. If you work in cold areas, you should choose a more resistant to low temperatures raw material, that stays flexible and keep you safe, like Polyurethane , that can keep it proprieties at temperatures as low as -70°C, contrary to PVC, that have less thermal insulation, is less resistant and can be shattered easily at low temperatures.


   2. Higher the sole, higher the temperature

When your body loses its temperature, it does first on the largest surface parts, like your feet. When you put this together with floors at low temperatures as -50°C, your feet will start to lose heat very quickly. To avoid this, a specially designed for low temperatures outsole is the best solution. Choose safety boots with higher outsoles , so your feet won't be in close contact with the icy floor.


   3. Be aware of the surface you will be stepping on

Being warm is a great feeling, but being safe is more important. You should always be aware if the safety boots that you are planning to use have the necessary slip-resistance to keep you safe at your workplace since icy floors can cause some falls if you don’t have the necessary equipment. Check if the safety boots have the right anti-slip proprieties for your tasks and keep you safe at any moment.


In conclusion, you should pick safety boots made of polyurethane, that keeps your feet as far as possible from the cold floor, and with an outsole that provides you the anti-slip proprieties that you need to be safe at your work.  Dikamar has various versions of safety boots specially designed for the coldest environments , to keep you safe at any temperature.

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