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23 out 2019

At Dikamar we work every day to create footwear with the best safety, and to be comfortable and long-lasting as well. However, these factors are not only up to us. Cleaning your shoes regularly can greatly increase the lifetime of your safety shoes.


Here are some tips on how to clean your SafetyPro safety shoes:

·         Clean your footwear regularly with suitable products.

·         Do not use caustic or corrosive cleaning agents.

·         Dry the footwear at room temperature and in the shade after each cleaning. The use of heat sources to accelerate the drying of footwear can damage the flexibility and the quality of the materials.


Footwear should be properly stored in a cool and dry place.


Regular cleaning and replacement of the insole, when used, is also important to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. When replacing the insole you must ensure that you are using an insole just like the original.

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