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09 mai 2018


Have you met the new EagleGrip Plus? It’s an improved version of our EagleGrip boot, with some differentials that make this boot even more amazing.


The main difference in this boot is that it has an especial TPU area which improves the outsole performance and act as an anti-torsion support for your feet, also the combination of injected PU+TPU provides more durability, comfort and higher resistance to the outsole.


Besides that, as our original EagleGrip, it’s easier to clean and disinfect due to the smooth design, being also resistant to abrasion, chemicals, oils, solvents and temperatures.


The sole is antistatic and slip resistant, what makes the grip exceptional, and the Kevlar midsole has the drilling protection of 1100N.


It’s fiberglass toecap protection support an impact of 200J and has extremely compression resistance under maximum load of 15kN.


Also, can protect you against cold places due to its excellent thermal insulation down to -20 C.


And it is available in versions O4, S4 and S5 and in the colors:


White|Blue-Red      Blue|Blue-Red      Grey|Black-Red     Black|Black-Red      Black|Red. 

 EagleGrip PLUS

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