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  • Safety Boots: 5 ways Polyurethane Safety Boots will improve your work!

    Tired of the same old, stiff safety boots that never feel comfortable? It’s time to change for Polyurethane safety boots! General contacts
    Safety Boots: 5 ways Polyurethane Safety Boots will improve your work!
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04 abr 2019

When you have to choose your next safety boots, you shouldnt take this decision as simple as another pair of boots. You will spend hours every day on this footwear and so, you should pick some boots that make you feel comfortable, safe and will last all the tasks at your work. All things that the Polyurethane safety boots give you! Have you never tried PU boots? So here are 5 reasons why they will improve your work!


1.       Fresh in the Summer, warm in the Winter;

When you put on your safety boots, your comfort is a key factor to choose your next safety boots. The right temperature is something you always have to consider. The feeling of having your feet freezing on cold days or melting on the hot ones is one of the worst feelings you can have on your job. The excellent thermal insulation of the Polyurethane safety boots will keep your feet on the perfect temperature doesnt matter how hot or cold will be.


 Polyurethane Safety boots on a Summer´s Days

2.       Easy to clean

The smooth lines of the PU safety boots make them easier to clean comparing to the classic PVC safety boots. This makes that you dont have to spend so much time with this boring task at the end of the day. The polyurethane also has a fewer chance of proliferation of bacteria, what makes them easy to clean.


3.       More resistant (4x time more durable)

The polyurethane safety boots have more resistance against chemicals, oils, fats and abrasion than the PVC classic safety boots, providing you with a more durable boots, even in more aggressive environments and with intensive usage, making it 4 times more durable than any PVC safety boots.

 Safety boots on a farm with animals.

4.       Breathable Footwear = No smells

After a long day of work, it is usual to feel your feet sweaty and smelly, and this is something that no one wants. You stay hours on this safety boots, and so, your comfort should be one of your top priorities. The polyurethane safety boots are breathable, avoiding sweaty feet and the proliferation of smells.


5.       Super light, Super flexible

The polyurethane is a material that is more flexible than the classic PVC, making it easier to move and do your tasks on PU safety boots than any other material. The polyurethane safety boots are also lighter than other safety boots, making it more comfortable and easier to move and do your job.

Polyurethane safety boots in the food industry 


Here are 5 reasons to use Polyurethane safety boots instead of PVC boots. Dikamar have different models of PU safety boots, specially created for activities such as food processing industry, construction, fishing or gardening. Choose the right fit for your feet!

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