• Safety Boots: How to choose the right boot for the food industry?

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    Safety Boots: How to choose the right boot for the food industry?
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16 abr 2018


Nowadays, the food industry is one of the most demanding industries, especially because hygiene, safety and health are really important in this sector. Therefore, companies have to not only look for the food quality but also their employees safety, in this case a qualitative and certified PPE (personal protective equipment) is essential, only then they will be able to provide a safe working environment for their employees.

The best way to archive this goal is thru safety equipment, and especially safety boots.

There are a few tips on how to choose the right safety boots for the food industry:


1 – Choose a lightweight safety boot to ensure your comfort all day long.

The most part of the employees in the food industry spend a good part of their working day standing upright, what can cause, in the long term, a few health problems, especially in the back and legs, for this reason the lightweight is so important in the safety boots. 

For example, the Dikamar PU safety boots are lighter than PVC or rubber boots and this have all protection necessary to keep the feet in action.


2 – Choose a safety boot with SRC certification for slip resistance.

A significant part of work accidents are caused by slips, especially in the food industry, then having a safety boot with slip resistance is really important.

Besides that, an exceptional grip and the profile of the sole is also very important to ensure the slip resistance proprieties. That's why the professionals who work in the industry prefer a safety boot with SRC certification, which means that the safety boots had been tested before and also, they have the quality to be used in this environment.


3- Choose a safety boot with smooth design

The design of the safety boots is a very important aspect for cleaning and disinfection, especially because in the food industry they are in constant contact with a lot of different substances and depending on which material they are made of, it can interfere in the maintenance of the safety boots.

It’s really important to choose safety boots that can provide a practical design, that facilitate the cleaning and also specify the best way to keep your safety boots when are not being used, so it can last as far as possible.


4 – Choose a safety boot with insulation proprieties: this is very important to ensure the health and the comfort of your feet.

Most of food industry employees work with different temperatures, cold or hot places. Because of that is really important to ensure that the safety boots can provide comfort and the proper temperature for your feet. In the case of our Dikamar PU safety boots, they are able to provide a thermal insulation from -20°C down to -70°C, what can provide more comfort and stability for your feet.



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