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13 jul 2018

Our Food Processing Industry safety boots are developed according to the latest health and safety standards ensuring comfort, safety and protection in any work environment. These safety boots are developed with slip-resistant and antistatic soles offering excellent grip on the most slippery surfaces.
With the correct maintenance our Food Industry safety boots offer great resistance and durability in contact with fats, oils and chemicals.









Overall, our PU Safety Boots are lightweight, comfortable, had excellent thermal insulation and are excellent for the food industry. They have a sole resistant to oils, fats, acids, chemicals and organic solvents, are also antistatic and non-slip giving excellent adhesion to slippery surfaces. Through its ability to absorb energy in the heel, they provide greater comfort, reducing fatigue.


In EagleGrip’s case, due to the smooth design of this safety boot, they are easy to clean and disinfect which is essential in this sector. Besides that, the plain outsole was specially designed to have an exceptional grip in extreme environments, as smooth floors covered with grease, due to its full contact with the ground.



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