Alpha® Safety S4

Alpha® Safety S4

Safety and comfort for all activities The Alpha® Safety S4 is a comfortable and practical safety boot. It's perfect to use in the

Safety and comfort for all activities 

The Alpha® Safety S4 is a comfortable and practical safety boot. It's perfect to use in the harshest environments, where the use of safety shoes is essential.

This boot is manufactured with steel toe cap, slip-resistant, and antistatic sole, which gives excellent grip on the most slippery surfaces reducing the risk of falling hazards. The sole is also resistant to oils, fats, acids, and organic solvents.

This hard-wearing, lightweight and flexible PU boot, with energy absorbing heel, has excellent thermal insulation down to -20ºC/ -4°F, keeping your feet dry and at the right temperature.

Due to its features, this boot is suitable to be used in industry and construction sectors.

This boot is certified by the European standard EN ISO 20345:2011 S4+CI+SRC and meets ASTM F 2413-18 requirements.


Cleaning Instructions
Cleaning can be done by washing your wellington, after each use, with a soft brush and mild detergent. Rinse away the remains of the detergent with water and allow the boot to dry at room temperature and in the shade. Store in a well-ventilated and dry place.
Regular cleaning and replacement of the insole, when used, is also important to prevent the proliferation of bacteria. Careful and regular cleaning increases the durability of your wellingtons. When replacing the insole you must ensure that you are using an insole just like the original. 

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Thermal insulation
Heat resistant
Oil resistant
Energy absorbing
Slip resistant
EU : 36 > 48 UK : 3 > 13 US: 4 > 14
Technical data

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