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09 abr 2021

The pandemic has been affecting several areas. There are only a few of them that are not experiencing its consequences. The markets are changing and trying to adapt to the current situation that came to stay.


The production of occupational and safety footwear is no exception, especially when it comes to PVC boots.


The price of PVC as raw material has undergone several increases over the past year. But what is the cause?



The pandemic forced many businesses, including PVC producers, to implement security measures. This led to a slowdown in production and even a temporary shutdown. This means that there is less raw material available for sale.


On the other hand, demand has not remained at the same level, quite the contrary. Construction companies and domestic projects have increased the demand for PVC.


When the product's supply is low and its demand is high, the price of the product increases. This is what is happening with PVC.


Besides this, two more elements caused multiples increases in the PVC price. These are the export and transport prices, which have increased significantly.


Due to the lockdown, online shopping has grown exponentially. Carriers are currently struggling to respond to all orders, causing delays and prices to increase.


Transport delays often result in production delays, which can lead to even more costs.


These factors brought a continuous increase in the PVC boots production costs. Therefore, the final price of the boots is higher.




Further increases in PVC prices are expected over the course of 2021. If you need boots made of this material, make your purchase now, before prices go up again.


However, the market is now more demanding than ever. Consumers want high quality at the best price. For this reason, you should bet on PU boots, which offer a much higher quality compared to PVC.

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